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we exist because we believe we can do better with light.  too many of us needlessly suffer under the wrong kind of lighting within our homes and businesses.  ever flip the switch on a ceiling fan light and get blasted in the face by a big ball of brightness? we have, and it’s not fun. no one should suffer, and everyone deserves better light.  we believe that better lighting equals a better experience.  we believe that better lighting equals better outcomes.  we believe that better lighting equals a better life.



we are a group of passionate and creative lighting design professionals who care about giving access to a better lighting experience for as many folks as possible.  we are people who live in houses just like you and who want to experience all the benefits that good lighting can provide.  we are also lighting nerds who like to eat all the lighting acronyms, light & health research and technological mumbo jumbo so we can help break it all down for the average consumer to understand and take advantage of.



at its basic essence, we design the right light to go where we want and not where we don’t.  we deliver a wide menu of lighting solutions for homeowners, contractors, builders, interior designers, and architects who are interested in taking their lighting to the next level  so just sit back, relax and have someone craft for you a total lighting experience for you.



we operate anywhere the internet allows two-way communication, and that’s pretty much everywhere.  though we are physically located in central illinois, we have done projects all across the country, from seattle, washington to naples, florida; minneapolis minnesota to san antonio, texas (and even in the caribbean). we are always happy to do in-person site visits (as we love to travel), but during this time of uncertainty, why take the risk? 



we start as soon as you hire us.  we’ll start delivering value to you and your project from the start by asking the right questions, digging into the details, exploring various options and settling on buildable solutions as we provide all that is required to deliver and install a job correctly and within budget.  depending on what you need, we can turn around a service on the same day or invest ourselves in a successful project as long as it takes.  our kaleido krafted design service can be delivered in as little as four weeks based on project timelines and your electrical rough-in date.



we have proven that, with the ease of digital communication and local partnerships, we can effectively deliver high-quality design and consultation services to anyone, anywhere.  we like to conduct a series of live, in-person web consultations where we guide you through our easy-to-follow, thorough design process.

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